The Prop Protector is a simple shaft driven rope cutter, rotating with the shaft and instantly cutting any rope, weed or debris picked up or snagged by the propeller.
Manufactured from high grade (316) Stainless Steel, the Prop Protector is easy to install – fully installed in minutes – with your boat out of the water or between tides. The clamp-on version can even be fitted by a diver if underwater installation is required. The Prop Protector sits on the shaft, between the propeller hub and the stern bearing, waiting to cut anything that threatens to entangle it. There are no moving parts to fail – just a razor sharp marine grade stainless steel blade – ready to slice through most marine debris.

Available to suit shaft sizes 20mm (3⁄4 in) to 130mm (5 in). Prop Protectors can be fitted to a wide range of boats and are available in two models, the Clamp-On & the Slide-On.

The Prop Protector, which has been on the market since 1991, remains a steady favorite amongst cruisers, power boaters and captains: the Prop Protector is all you need to avoid these potentially devastating mishaps. Entanglements tend to occur at low RPMs: at high RPMs anything will slice line – at the low RPMs, serrated models can snag. Our blade is easy to sharpen if necessary and with no annual maintenance and our boater-friendly prices – it’s a no-brainer! Click below to order. We can be reached by Phone 1-888-769-7677 and by Email